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I've been passionate about singing my entire life, but it wasn't until I started teaching that I found my
calling.  I don't mean to sound corny, but that really is how I feel.  I've had many accolades and taken my
bows on stage to thunderous applause, but for me professionally, nothing compares to sharing my
knowledge of the voice and seeing my students grow.  

My desire as a teacher is to help students be the best singers they can be.  I want them to know I will be in
their corner encouraging them and giving them all the skills I can to make their dreams come true.  I rely on
my classical training and my contemporary training to do that.  All registers of the voice are explored and
strengthened, ranges are stretched, breath support is developed and tone quality is improved as we work
on balancing the voice and getting the right sound for each style of music we work on.  

Many of my students sing in different styles as I do myself.  (Click on “Hear Linda Sing” to the left of this
page.)  Making sure my students have the right skills technically so their tone quality is appropriate to the
style, is important to me.  Bach shouldn't sound like Bruno Mars and Pink shouldn't sound like Puccini.  In
the choir your goal is to blend with other voices while in solo singing you need your voice to stick out.  The
smarter and more versatile a singer is, the more likely they are to get the solo, or the part, or the job.

While I do have many students who want to make singing their career, I also have many students who
simply love to sing and want to learn how to sound better.  I love singing as well and no matter how much
experience a student has, I enthusiastically share my education, training, and experience with everyone
who walks through my studio door.  Here are some highlights of my credentials:
Doctorate of Musical Arts in Vocal Performance from the University of Michigan
  Vocal Study With Lorna Haywood
  Operatic Performances with Stage Director Jay Lesenger and Maestro
Gustav Meier
  Choral and Solo work with the University of Michigan Chamber Choir Directed
by Thomas Hilbish

Certification from the CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute in Somatic Voicework ™
the LoVetri Method, Vocal Pedagogy for Today's Music
  Jeannette LoVetri, Director

Master of Music in Vocal Performance and Master of Sacred Music from
Southern Methodist University
  Vocal Study with Barbara Hill Moore
  Choral Conducting with Lloyd Pfautsch
  Choral and Solo work with the Meadows Chorale and the Dallas Civic Chorus
Directed by Lloyd Pfautsch

Bachelor of Music from Wittenberg University
  Vocal Study with Dr. Orcenith Smith
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